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Even If You’re New To The Online Marketing Scene, Here’s…

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Discover The Five Overwhelming Benefits Of Striking Joint Venture Deals And How You Can Make This Jealously Guarded Marketing Weapon Absolutely YOURS!

Dear Budding Netrepreneur,

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know that matters“? Internet Marketing is the embodiment of that saying. Established Internet marketers have spent years building lists of potential customers so they certainly know the right people to market to.

The new marketers, on the other hand, can shortcut their curve by gaining access to those lists of the right people in order to break into the Internet marketing arena and Joint Ventures (or JV in short) are the way to do that very thing.

Here are just five (5) of the overwhelming number of benefits available in a Joint Venture with an established Internet marketer for the newcomers:

  1. Access to a potential customer base that would otherwise be inaccessible. Established Internet marketers have lists of customers that would be most likely to purchase the product or service you are selling.

  2. The possibility of establishing a good working relationship with an established Internet marketer that could turn into an ongoing and mutually profitable arrangement.

  3. Associating yourself with a successful partner can help to establish credibility for you and open many doors. Your Joint Venture partners’ credibility will be passed on to you simply by association.

  4. A Joint Venture can help you to build your own opt-in list. The all important opt-in list is the backbone of Internet marketing. Building lists takes years but with a successful Internet marketer as a Joint Venture partner, you can cut the time needed in half.

  5. You will be guaranteed a much larger response to your new product or service than you could ever hope to generate on your own.

Moral of the story? A Joint Venture is the best and quickest way for a new Internet marketer to become established – in a cost free fashion! 🙂

“Great – But If Joint Ventures Really Work…”

… then why do I hear responses like these from potential partners every time I e-mail them?“, you ask.

  • Sorry, but I’m too busy. (We often hear this in one version or another, right?)
  • No thanks, I’m not interested in striking a Joint Venture deal with you.
  • …… (Never got your reply from the potential partner you’ve mailed several days ago)

If this is the kind of results you’re getting right now, the first thing I’d like to advice you is – DON’T DESPAIR! It’s not that Joint Ventures are dead, in fact they’re being done around the clock. You’re just not doing it right.

You may have your product, service or offer ready by now – and you are in a real essence one step away from achieving the dome of explosive sales, leads and instant credibility. As long as you can figure out the mechanisms of a successful Joint Venture!

Introducing The Beginner’s Guide To Tapping Into The Internet’s Most Powerful “Cost Free” Leverage:
Striking Joint Ventures Made Easy

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Inside This Manual, Discover:

How you can increase your chances of getting hard hitting partners to say “YES” to your Joint Venture proposal most of the time! (Hint: the fact is that while you can’t get every single marketer to say “YES”, you can improve the odds even though you have no list or “weight” to your name just yet!)
The single most important thing you must know about your potential partners before approaching them with your Joint Venture proposal tucked neatly under your arm pits – easily more than 90%of the novice marketers today are ignorant of this fact and that’s the reason why they get ignored, too! one and only rule of thumb that can be responsible for your next break through in Internet Marketing!
What your potential partner really, really means when he or she says “I’m too busy” – and how you can tackle that problem as if it’s an easy feat!
The three (3) important things your potential Joint Venture partners often look in you and your offer, whether they’re aware of it or not – and how you can best prepare yourself to fulfill all these three criteria because the moment you submit a Joint Venture proposal, your potential partners immediately become the Judge Dredd of your Internet Marketing success!
What to look for in a potential Joint Venture partner before approaching him or her! (Hint: this is more important than you think if you want to improve your chances of getting a “yes” from a powerful partner-in-success!)
The 2 step system to approaching and recruiting Joint Venture partners for success!
All of what you need to prepare before even getting started! (Hint: Mess this up and so will the rest of your Joint Venture Partner recruitment drive!)
Some of the Internet’s re-known powerful resources you can use to organize your Joint Ventures for maximum profits!
How to architect your Joint Venture partner compensation plan and benefits for a pure win-winsituation!
How to recruit powerful Joint Venture partners massively!
How to get the most and take advantage of this powerful cost-free leverage in launching your next best-selling product and building your list! (Oh, and don’t forget the instant credibility you can create with their subscribers and customers, too!)
And much, much more!


So How Much Is This Manual Going To Cost You?

On the contrary, let’s see how much it would cost you if you DON’T acquire this manual.

You might just continue to receive “Sorry but I’m busy” (or even “……”) replies from other marketers and you’re then left to wonder why everyone’s so cold about it. And later, you question whether there’s any future for a new comer to the marketing scene and end it with a full stop a.k.a. “I give up”!

But what if you discover how to turn those “no”s into “yes”? Won’t that open yet limitlesspossibilities to your online marketing career even for a new comer to the marketing scene? I had been a complete beginner once like you, but through (plenty of) trial and error I learned that it’s equally possible for someone deemed “newbie” to still succeed in Internet Marketing with the help of top marketers – you just need to first understand them and later say the right words!

Many have asked me how I was able to Joint Venture with some of the recognized marketers today even though I don’t come across as someone really special in their books – but my time has grown rather constraint in the process I find it difficult to explain from A through Z on this subject.

That’s why I was inspired to chalk this manual out for your reading convenience – and you can obtain it for only $37.00!

Now is $37.00 too expensive? Well, not at allwhen compared to counter-productive guesswork!

And don’t forget that…

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You can’t lose.

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